How I Created My Own Minimalist Wardrobe

A “minimalist wardrobe”. The concept is fairly simple—pick several “key colors” for your wardrobe, figure out what you like to wear and what fits with your lifestyle—and pare your wardrobe down to include those elements! Several months ago, I decided it was time to drastically change my wardrobe. I had lots of clothes that I liked … Read More.




How to Cut Curly Hair

The stylist has to approach each curly girl individually, regarding her hair's texture, degrees of curliness, and how one … Read More

Embracing Beauty Book Cover

What I learned from “Embracing Beauty”

A book on fashion that encourages you to embrace a little extra weight in childbearing years? I would wholeheartedly support Trina Holden’s new book, Embracing Beauty, for this reason alone! If I waited until I was at what I consider my ideal weight before trying to address my appearance, I would just give up. And since Read more…