How to Have Naturally Healthy Skin

How to Have {Naturally} Healthy Skin

I love using coconut oil on my skin. It's natural and it does wonders for my complexion! But there is no way I can simply sit down and tell you to slather coconut oil on your face and voila…all your skin funk is gone! Nope… it just doesn't work that way. Proactiv and Clearasil may be made for instant fixes, but having healthy, … Read More.

How to Cut Curly Hair

The stylist has to approach each curly girl individually, regarding her hair's texture, degrees of curliness, and how one curl relates to others around … Read More






What to do after No-Poo?

So you’ve stopped using shampoo and have plunged into the freeing world of no-poo! If you’re like me, I had to customize my … Read More