SOS for Curly Hair

Did you know that 65% of women have naturally curly hair?

Are your curls sending out a distressed SOS signal?
Your inner curl might be playing hide and seek with you in the form of waves.
Your curls might showing their distress by their frizz.

Got curl? Or even just a bit of wave? Adornabelle is full of resources to help rescue your curls from the harsh shampoos, unnecessary brushes, and hot dryers.

Let’s answer that curly SOS and find your inner curl!

Curly Girl

Curly Girl: The Handbook

Here at Adornabelle we talk a lot about the curly care routine from the book by Lorraine Massey: Curly Girl: The Handbook. It’s a simple, economical, and naturally green routine which includes carefully cleansing the scalp with a sulfate-free cleanser, moisturizing the curls with a botanical conditioner, gently scrunch-drying with a microfiber cloth or t-shirt (never terry cloth towels!), and styling with an alcohol free gel.  No hairbrushes allowed, no electrical appliances necessary!

DiY Natural Hair Care Recipes

You don’t have to buy expensive hair care products to pamper your curls. Here are some of our favorite homemade hair treatments.

Product Reviews

If you’re not the DiY type, there are plenty of great products on the market that make curly hair look great.

Real Curly Girl Stories

Wondering how natural curl care looks on real live curly girls? Here are stories of how these girls first discovered their curls and how they care for them now.

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