How to Cut Curly Hair

The stylist has to approach each curly girl individually, regarding her hair’s texture, degrees of curliness, and how one curl relates to others around it. -Lorraine Massey, Curly Girl: The Handbook There are a few things to know about cutting curls that can save you a lot of distress. If you are thinking about a new style, or your curls just need a little trim,

DiY: How to Enrich Your Hair with Henna


Henna What?! When I first heard about using a henna mix on my hair, I thought it sounded pretty weird. However, after finally getting brave enough to try in December of 2012, I’m a huge fan. I’ve gotten my mom, sisters, and grandmother all on the henna bandwagon! Henna treatments do amazing wonders to add luster, shine, and moisture to hair. I don’t use pure

What to do after No-Poo?


So you’ve stopped using shampoo and have plunged into the freeing world of no-poo! If you’re like me, I had to customize my hair routine to meet my hair and scalp needs. It took a bewildering amount of product and way too much money to figure out in my case. While each of us are different when it comes to what our hair needs, I’ve

MopTop: unruly hair care


I’ve decided the difference between good conditioner and cheap brands is not as much in how my hair looks right after it dries, but how frizzy it is after I’m out in the wind or sleep on my curls.  When I tried out MopTop’s line, I found that not only did I have great looking, gently defined curls, but I could wear my curls two

How to Have Healthy Hair


Curly Girls aren’t the only ones who want to know how to have beautiful, naturally loved hair!  I’ve had the “rare” privilege of dabbling in both curly care and straight care as my hair has tried out both sides of the hair fence. (Yes, it’s a long story for another day!) Curly hair may need a little more time intensive TLC to show it’s true beauty,