adornalinks: back to school edition


For a lot of families, it’s back-t0-school time! Whether you go to school, send your kids to school, or home school, that usually means some fall clothing shopping is being done to get ready for the season. Here’s some great links we ran across that will help you finish up that school shopping without breaking your bank or loosing your mind.

Tell us: What’s your best back-to-school or fall wardrobe shopping tip?

Find a Link?

Adornalinks is a bi-monthly collection of helpful links we’ve found around the web. If you run across a link you think we should consider featuring in a future edition of Adornalinks, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us or leave us a comment with the link and why you think we should share it. Feel free to suggest ideas for editions you’d like to see in the future, as well. We want to make Adornalinks a great tool of resources that you can use and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please note that while we found the information in the linked posts to be informative and helpful, Adornabelle may not endorse all content on every page of the sites linked here. 

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